Race and Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead was released for the first time 60 years ago, and I went to see it in my local (independent) cinema as they were showing an anniversary screening. I have been aware of the film for its status within the horror film industry; and the film’s tropes loom over modern releases… Continue reading Race and Night of the Living Dead


Do states have a legitimate basis to say no to immigration?

Christopher Wellman suggests that the reason why sates can refuse immigrants is based on a presumption that states have a moral justification in excluding potential immigrants because states have a right to self-determination. This self-determination is needed so that states can protect  individual’s right to freedom of association. The question to ask then, is can… Continue reading Do states have a legitimate basis to say no to immigration?

Aristotle’s Constitution

“The politician and lawgiver is wholly occupied with the city-state, and the constitution is a certain way of organizing those who inhabit the city-state” (III.1.1274b36-8). Aristotle's general theory of constitutions is set forth in Politics III. He begins with a definition of the citizen (politês), the city-state is by nature a collective entity, a multitude… Continue reading Aristotle’s Constitution