Taking the scenic route

Can we use established theories of aesthetics to guide our thoughts on how we view nature? Despite the gulf between the created and the natural there are models that seek to draw upon conventions in aesthetic appreciation of art and use them with aesthetic appreciation of the environment. It seems that our standard approach: “we… Continue reading Taking the scenic route


Philosophy and Self-help

The study of philosophy may not resinate with concepts of happiness...certainly when I think back to some late night library essay writing sessions, happiness was not my primary emotion. Regardless, happiness is a theme that is dealt within philosophy. I have chosen to read The Conquest of Happiness to see how king of logical thinking Bertrand… Continue reading Philosophy and Self-help

Popper on non-inductive science

Working with the Scientific Method and Hume's work on induction can reveal some difficulties. This post outlines  Popper’s response to Hume’s problem, and some issues with his attempt. Which will lead to a discussion of Lakatos’ refinement of Popper, where he tries to evade the problems that Popper encounters. Firstly, Hume’s problem of induction highlights that… Continue reading Popper on non-inductive science

The Perfect Existence

The ontological argument Made famous by St Anselm and Descartes. The argument seeks to prove the existence of God a pirori – that is with out the need to experience God and demonstrate his existence only be the virtue that one can conceive of God.  In simple terms, Anselm’s argument is as follows: 1.     God… Continue reading The Perfect Existence

The Best Of All Possible Blogs

“The best of all possible worlds” is central to Leibniz’s metaphysical philosophy, however the claim is perhaps one which out of context is trivialised and dismissed as misplaced optimism; this essay will argue that it is not the platitude that Voltaire makes it out to be. This essay will show Leibniz’s argument in a way… Continue reading The Best Of All Possible Blogs

Art as the ultimate transcendental escape

Schopenhauer’s philosophy portrays human life as servitude to the Will, our desires and goals are governed by the blind urge and empirical observations of this striving only lead to pain and suffering. Aesthetic experience can provide some respite from the Will. For Schopenhauer the aim of the arts is to present the Platonic Ideas and… Continue reading Art as the ultimate transcendental escape

Labour’s taxing for Nozick

On Monday the Labour party announced that there were going to tax 45p in every pound of people who earn £80,000 or more per year. It is their method for attempting to 'save' the NHS, you can read about it in an article from the Independent here . Although I could dedicate a whole post to… Continue reading Labour’s taxing for Nozick