Is there a tension between feminism and multiculturalism?

A simple reading of feminism that all women should be regarded as equal in relation to their male counterparts and should not be disadvantaged by their gender, it is generally seen as a positive ideology that is applicable to all, and if it is not, there are some proponents who hold that it should be.… Continue reading Is there a tension between feminism and multiculturalism?


Taking the scenic route

Can we use established theories of aesthetics to guide our thoughts on how we view nature? Despite the gulf between the created and the natural there are models that seek to draw upon conventions in aesthetic appreciation of art and use them with aesthetic appreciation of the environment. It seems that our standard approach: “we… Continue reading Taking the scenic route

Popper on non-inductive science

Working with the Scientific Method and Hume's work on induction can reveal some difficulties. This post outlines  Popper’s response to Hume’s problem, and some issues with his attempt. Which will lead to a discussion of Lakatos’ refinement of Popper, where he tries to evade the problems that Popper encounters. Firstly, Hume’s problem of induction highlights that… Continue reading Popper on non-inductive science

Using my powers of deduction…or is it induction?

Mill’s methods of induction are a descriptive method for discovering causes, which means causation is described in observational terms. When following the methods you arrive at a conclusion when there is a universal relationship between antecedent and consequent. The Method of Agreement eliminates one possible cause because it is absent where the effect is not… Continue reading Using my powers of deduction…or is it induction?