Ovid – the Art of Sexual Harassment

Ovid was a Roman poet, and was a contemporary of Virgil and Horace. I will admit, that have very little knowledge of Latin poets…I decided to read Art of Love as when I walked past it on the shelf at my local book shop, because I was in a soppy mood and thought that it… Continue reading Ovid – the Art of Sexual Harassment


Philosophy and Self-help

The study of philosophy may not resinate with concepts of happiness...certainly when I think back to some late night library essay writing sessions, happiness was not my primary emotion. Regardless, happiness is a theme that is dealt within philosophy. I have chosen to read The Conquest of Happiness to see how king of logical thinking Bertrand… Continue reading Philosophy and Self-help

Bridget Jones and the death of Feminism

I recently read Jessa Crispin’s “Why I am not a feminist: a feminist manifesto” – I enjoyed it and found myself nodding along on the train. It is persuasively written and is the perfect antidote to books that promote ‘feminists’ as a life style that can be bought at Urban Outfitters. The main thrust of… Continue reading Bridget Jones and the death of Feminism