Popper on non-inductive science

Working with the Scientific Method and Hume's work on induction can reveal some difficulties. This post outlines  Popper’s response to Hume’s problem, and some issues with his attempt. Which will lead to a discussion of Lakatos’ refinement of Popper, where he tries to evade the problems that Popper encounters. Firstly, Hume’s problem of induction highlights that… Continue reading Popper on non-inductive science


Lady Divine and the Cavalcade of Perversion

Last week I went to watch a screening of Multiple Maniacs - it is a black comedy from the 1970 from John Waters, and members of his Dreamland acting troupe. This post is not a review of the film, but I do recommend it. The film, other than being funny, made me think of the… Continue reading Lady Divine and the Cavalcade of Perversion

The Perfect Existence

The ontological argument Made famous by St Anselm and Descartes. The argument seeks to prove the existence of God a pirori – that is with out the need to experience God and demonstrate his existence only be the virtue that one can conceive of God.  In simple terms, Anselm’s argument is as follows: 1.     God… Continue reading The Perfect Existence