Labour’s taxing for Nozick

On Monday the Labour party announced that there were going to tax 45p in every pound of people who earn £80,000 or more per year. It is their method for attempting to 'save' the NHS, you can read about it in an article from the Independent here . Although I could dedicate a whole post to… Continue reading Labour’s taxing for Nozick


Modernity, the Self, and the Modern Selfie

The condition of self-consciousness, of being reflectively aware of one’s identity and actions, has been a repeatedly documented aspect of human experience throughout history. Self-representation in the poetry of the Renaissance court, for example, or the aesthetic endeavours of eighteenth-century portraiture, certainly attest to this. However, as theorists of postmodernism argue, self-consciousness has never before… Continue reading Modernity, the Self, and the Modern Selfie

Using my powers of deduction…or is it induction?

Mill’s methods of induction are a descriptive method for discovering causes, which means causation is described in observational terms. When following the methods you arrive at a conclusion when there is a universal relationship between antecedent and consequent. The Method of Agreement eliminates one possible cause because it is absent where the effect is not… Continue reading Using my powers of deduction…or is it induction?