The death of God (and politics?)

The ‘death of God’ requires examination before we can really understand how it will impact our political landscape. If God and all that he stands for is dead, then the foundation of Christian values and all culture that sprung from the Christian religion is rendered meaningless. It goes beyond just claiming that God does not… Continue reading The death of God (and politics?)


The Power of The Press

When reading a novel, we have to become immersed in another world. A new world filled with not just the characters who are most important to the plot, but we have to believe the protagonist is operating in a world that goes beyond the one in which we are presented. What I like about fiction… Continue reading The Power of The Press

Lars von Trier and Schopenhauer

  Melancholia (2011, UK certificate 15) is Lars von Trier 12th film in a career that spans 30 years, and is a 130 minute lesson in Schopenhauer and the art of beautiful filmmaking. It has a high profile cast including Alexander Skarsgard, Brady Corbet, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, Kirsten Dunst, and… Continue reading Lars von Trier and Schopenhauer

Bridget Jones and the death of Feminism

I recently read Jessa Crispin’s “Why I am not a feminist: a feminist manifesto” – I enjoyed it and found myself nodding along on the train. It is persuasively written and is the perfect antidote to books that promote ‘feminists’ as a life style that can be bought at Urban Outfitters. The main thrust of… Continue reading Bridget Jones and the death of Feminism

What is Violence?

“Violence is a human universal,” (Abbink, 2000, xi) because we are yet to come across a society where violence is entirely non-existent. Despite violence’s pervasiveness, it remains one of the most difficult phenomenon to explain – what is violence and what it does are central and challenging, but necessary questions to ask. Violence is hard… Continue reading What is Violence?